The cybersecurity advocacy-campaign week

The Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg aims to promote cybersecurity among citizens, corporate and SMEs. Unlike a forum, this label is used to aggregate and boost the various events that will take place in the Grand-Duchy in the frame of the European Cybersecurity Month (ECSM).

Organized by the SECURITYMADEIN.LU, the Cybersecurity Week features the Luxembourg Cybersecurity Ecosystem. Benefitting from the involvement of national key players the week initative grows each year.

It is important to note that the different events will take place in different locations and target specific audiences. In order to find the event that interests you and to register, do not hesitate to discover their detailed description on our website.

At the Heart of Europe

Luxembourg welcomes you to a week dedicated to cybersecurity.


Rewarding Talents

An award competition celebrating the best companies and individuals.


Great Speakers

National and International experts and speakers will gathering in Luxembourg.


Dynamic Ecosystem

An exclusive Gala & Awards Night concluding the cybersecurity week will gathering all the attendees and awarding the best.


Featured Events / 2019

Cyber Investors Day

October 15 / House of Startups / EN

During the event, the most promising European cybersecurity start-ups and SMEs will have a chance to pitch their innovative cybersecurity solutions.



October 22 / Parc Hotel Alvisse / EN is an open convention/conference where people can discuss about computer security, privacy, information technology and its cultural/technical implication on society.


PwC Cybersecurity Day

October 24 / PwC HQ - Crystal Park / EN

The PwC Cybersecurity Day is a yearly event that offers a unique opportunity to gain insights from the latest European bets in cybersecurity.


Gala and Awards Night

October 24 / Exit07 / EN

The Gala Dinner marks the highlight of the Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg on Thursday 18th October 2018. This cozy event gathers many actors from the Luxembourgish security ecosystem as well as all participants of the week initative.


In 2018 6 awards were attributed

  CISO of the Year  to  Grégory NOU

  Best Inclusion Initiative  to the  Blackhoodie initiative

  Most Promising Cybersecurity Solution - "Jury Award"  to  Detectify

  Most Promising Cybersecurity Solution - "People's Choice Award"  to  Hacknowledge

  Best Talk at  to  What the Fax? by Yaniv Balmas and Eyal Itkin

  Most Promising Young Talent Award  to  Mike Lorang

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Gala & Awards Night 2018 / Photo gallery

Sponsors & Partners / Thank You

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